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Title:Gabapentin 300mg medicine
Category:Fitness Health: Men's Health
Description:Gabapentin is an anti-epileptic drug, also called an anticonvulsant. It affects chemicals and nerves in the body that are involved in the cause of seizures and some types of pain. It is not used for epilepsy. Gabapentin is used with other medications to prevent and control seizures. It is also used to relieve nerve pain following shingles (a painful rash due to herpes zoster infection) in adults. Gabapentin is known as an anticonvulsant or antiepileptic drug. gabapentin medicine can side effect on patients over 12 years old young child.
Meta Keywords:Health
Meta Description:Drowsiness, dizziness, loss of coordination, tiredness, blurred/double vision, unusual eye movements, or shaking (tremor) may occur. If any of these effects persist or worsen, tell your doctor or pharmacist promptly. Do not stop using gabapentin
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